Business Features

Prairie Chick Prints

Charming and cheeky, Prairie Chick Prints Edmonton Pencils won Edmonton Made’s Gifted cover contest.

Flannel Foxes

Over the years, the brand has evolved from a tomboy fashion blog to Western Canadiana apparel

Lori Frank

In 2013, on her birthday, Lori Frank left a successful career as a media account executive to pursue her life-long dream.

Velvet Crane

Sugar, honey, beeswax, shea butter and a handful of plant-based oils are all you need to keep your lips healthy and hydrated, according to Velvet Crane founder Antoinette Nguyen.

El Gringo

As El Gringo’s branding suggests, it isn't just recreating authentic Mexican recipes

Village Craft Co.

Village Craft Co. — emphasis on the “co.” — is a true collaboration between the husband-wife team of Jon Kerychuk and Kayla Cooper.


Sabrina Siponen mixes eastern concepts with clean lines to create purposeful pieces of wearable art

Homework Letterpress

Daria Hirny serendipitously discovered the 1965 windmill after completing a printmaking internship at the Banff Centre

Darling Dear Co.

A trip to Asia left the mother-daughter duo of Rosana and Arden Pang with an abundance of beautiful fabric


This self-published, pattern-recognition game was inspired by the couple’s love of board games and the passionate energy debates they’ve witnessed since relocating to Edmonton from the U.K.


Partnering with Edmonton Made, YEG Box has curated two distinctly Edmonton collections based off this year’s catalogue