Maker Features

Clo's General Leather Co.

Whether navigating the urban jungle or the open road, Kyle Closen's handcrafted leather products are made to last a lifetime of adventure. "Leather, canvas and denim are all materials that are strong enough to withstand the test of time if they're put together the right way," he says.

Concrete Cat

Concrete Cat simultaneously embraces and challenges societal perceptions of the ubiquitous building material. The studio celebrates concrete's inherent pragmatism through abstract, yet highly functional design, while also elevating the unlikely medium through colour pigmentation. 

Cyanotype Paper Goods

Not everyone can call themselves a paper fanatic, but Edmonton bookbinder Janelle Holod has always found comfort in writing things down. An avid organizer, Holod has amassed a collection of cahiers and day planners over the years — gaining an affinity for the weight and texture of their pages.

Fruits of Sherbrooke

Upset by the number of apples going to waste by not being harvested from local trees, three friends — Christina Piecha, Carol Cooper and Alan Cosh — set out to make a difference, turning unwanted urban fruit into unforgettable preserves.

Heartstrings Jewelry

Designer Michelle Dall’Acqua breathes new life into musical castoffs. Made of an assortment of metals, guitar strings cannot be recycled through traditional means when they wear out or break. Working in collaboration with local music stores, Dall'Acqua transforms coils of tarnished wire into pieces of fine, eco-conscious jewelry.

Libertine Fragrance

Josh Smith was completing his design degree when he began experimenting with the idea of scent as art. "It's a really interesting medium," says Smith. "There's storytelling and technique, but it's almost totally intangible." Libertine's minimalist aesthetic acts as a counterpoint to the hyper-gendering of the perfume industry.

Melanie Liles

Potter, leather worker, jeweller, weaver — Melanie Liles has, at some point in her 17-year career, done it all.

Ever the experimenter, the Edmonton native continues to expand and refine her skill set through the use of new mediums and techniques. But one art form, drawing, always pulls her back.