Show some Edmonton Pride.

Why use the Edmonton Made badge in your efforts? 
The official Edmonton Made badge is designed to work for your brand, not against it. 
Use it in your marketing materials, website, email signature, packaging, or simply use the language in your story or marketing efforts. 

Appropriate Usage:
The Edmonton Made badge is designed to create identification and a unified voice for products and services that speak to what is truly 'Edmonton'. Please do not use the badge in a manner that suggests sponsorship or endorsement by Edmonton Made unless otherwise authorized. Always use our official and unmodified Edmonton Made badge.

What defines an Edmonton Made Brand?
Edmonton Made is defined by a product or service who's primary operations in based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Incorrect Usage:

• Do not skew or warp the badge
• Do not resize the badge without maintaining appropriate proportions
• Do not use a pixelated version of the badge
• Do not rotate the badge
• Do not replace elements of the badge with your own branding
• Do not alter the colour of the badge