Sandwich and Sons

Sandwich and Sons

"I'd say our customers are the greatest support network. Their satisfaction and enjoyment are really the basis of why we are in this business."

Sandwich and Sons is a traditional deli-style sandwich shop that serves up six signature sandwiches, homemade chips, and Foie Gras Fridays. All meats are prepared locally, and the mustard, pickles, and several other products are prepared in-house. The space is simple and modest, and the product is just right.

We asked Jimmy Shewchuk, co-owner of Sandwich and Sons, some questions about his Edmonton Made business. Here's what he had to say:

When did you start your business and why? 

We started in February of 2015 thinking we could fill a gap for an honest, deli-style sandwich company that evoked nostalgia. I think there is always a market for relatable food that everyone 'gets'.

Why did you start your business in Edmonton? 

I've lived here since I was 18 and truly love the food culture this city offers. It's down-to-earth, it's made with care. Go with what you know. 

What was your biggest challenge in the early days of your business? 

Much like any business, it's cash flow and getting your product in front of enough people. Social media likes from Des Moines are great, but if you don't have local customers through your doors, you're in trouble.


What is your biggest challenge today? 

The balance between maintaining our vision of quality and value means we need to be relentless on our costs. Combating food prices while trying not to raise prices for our customers is always a delicate balance.

Do you have a 'support network'? What does that look like? 

Oh geez YES! I hate hearing the story of the 'self-made' entrepreneur. I have a great group of friends who are entrepreneurs that are great to bounce ideas off of. Ultimately I'd say our customers are the greatest support network. Their satisfaction and enjoyment are really the basis of why we are in this business and their critiques are what make us better.

Are there any particular resources (local programs, blogs, webinars, video series, forums, books, etc.) you used to help scale/develop your business that you'd recommend to small businesses? is a great resource.

Is there a piece of advice you would like to pass on to other Edmonton Made businesses? 

I feel that they have more advice for us than we for them! If anything I would say give back. Give to your community organizations, give advice to someone who is starting out, give some time to an organization. We're all in this together.

Is there an Edmonton Made business you're cheering on? 

PCL. I love the story and love how they are a global powerhouse.

At your size, do you still feel your business is 'Edmonton Made'? In what way? 

Absolutely. We are small. We are a group of Edmonton guys and gals that are proud to be here and most of our supply chain is local.

Anything else you would like to share about your Edmonton Made story? 

Just that we are excited for what's to come. This is such an exciting time for our city.




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