We’re building something extraordinary way up here.

From New York, to Tokyo, to Amsterdam, and, of course, in Edmonton, you can find a slice of our city on every continent. Fashion, beauty, food, home accessories, furniture, tech, and services — what creative entrepreneurs in Edmonton are outputting, the world wants. 

Continue reading to learn more about the Edmonton Made pilot.

What are you making? How can we help?


Edmonton Made is a collaborative entrepreneurial program committed to the growth of local businesses and encouraging the exposure of Edmonton made products and services. Through a collective identity, Edmonton Made will give entrepreneurs an opportunity to make a greater impact through a unified voice. There is an opportunity for Make Something Edmonton/Edmonton Economic Development to help more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), like you, scale and streamline your businesses to grow within our city and beyond our borders. 


The three areas we are focussing the Edmonton Made pilot on are:

SME Support

Build a support network through programming, mentorship, community-building, etc.

Edmonton Made Identity

Collaborating with you to create a unified voice that speaks for the quality of Edmonton made goods locally and abroad.

Grow it Local

We're exploring concepts, such as, an Edmonton Made storefront or e-commerce platform.


The result is an increase in your profits and longevity for your business.
And your success means a positive impact on Edmonton.


Edmonton Made raises exposure of Edmonton businesses through:


Be a part of the Edmonton Made program

Please fill out the form at the top of this page. It’s simple: all we need is your contact information and for you to fill out a ‘simple as pie’ survey. Your feedback and participation will help us:

• Identify existing programming in place to support SMEs
• Create programming to fill any gaps your feedback identifies
• Foster a collaborative identity/voice that conveys an Edmonton Made product/service
• Create a platform/hub for community within the retail-manufacturing industry

There is an opportunity to attend a roundtable discussion regarding Edmonton Made, with more information at the end of the survey.