Movement Concrete Countertops Edmonton

5420 82 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T6B 2B3

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Movement Concrete was inspired by the beauty and utility of a material that we take for granted. No other material is as malleable and expressive as concrete. Through trial and error and hundreds of hours of research, Edmonton native Jolan Aubry taught himself the craft of sprayer-applied concrete. By spraying concrete rather than pouring, the craftsman can create high-strength lightweight products without limitations. It can be applied vertically, horizontally, and curved to produce never-before-seen concrete silhouettes. The result is a product that is stunningly beautiful, unique to the owner, and develops a patina that shows its history in the space. After spending 7 years in BC, Jolan returned to Edmonton to begin Movement Concrete in the unparalleled business community of Edmonton. Movement Concrete is based out of Timbre Coworking studio, where artisans and expert craftsmen collaborate on cutting-edge projects and ideas.

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