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Would you like to see your product featured in this year's Gifted catalogue? 

To apply, you must:

1.  Be registered with Edmonton Made. (If you appear in our Business Directory, you are registered. If you're not, click here to register!)

2. Ensure you meet the Eligibility Criteria

3. Guarantee your product will be available for purchase between September 2019 and January 2020

4. Fill out the form below

If you'd like to submit multiple products, please fill out an individual form for each product. A maximum of three (3) products per business will be considered, and a maximum of two (2) products per business could appear in Gifted.

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For example, "Unity Crown Necklace", "Alberta Crest T-Shirt" or "July Bridge Print"


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Product must be available for purchase online. Please provide the link to where your product can be purchased online.

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Share photos of your product with at least one on a white background if possible. Please ensure photos are at least 1000 pixels wide x 750 pixels high (~100kB) in PNG or JPEG format.

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