Call for Submissions: Edmonton Made Gift Catalogue

By Edmonton Made June 14, 2017


Edmonton Made invites Edmonton and metropolitan Edmonton area designers and producers to submit proposals for locally made objects or products that embody Edmonton: its people, culture and aesthetic. Edmonton Made is seeking a selection of gift items, to be organized in catalogue format, to help tourists, local consumers and corporate purchasers identify and choose high quality items designed and / or manufactured by Edmonton entrepreneurs and businesses. 

The inaugural issue of the Edmonton Made Gift Catalogue will be a unique occasion to celebrate the dynamic spirit of our city, and to set the tone for future quarterly issues. The gift catalogue will be a tangible reminder of our unique and ever-changing landscape. Whether meant for a business, a distinguished guest, a tourist or a citizen of Edmonton, the items included will be a reminder of the design expertise and creativity of Edmonton-based entrepreneurs.


They are attractive, original and high-quality products, worthy of inclusion in design boutiques or retail chains. The selected items will be unique in that they tell a story: specific of an object, a concept or its creator. Above all, the gift items must showcase Edmonton’s design expertise through unique, functional and thoughtful products.

Desired objects can evoke memories of Edmonton and personify the city in the minds of residents and visitors. These selected items create a representative and recognizable image of Edmonton and its identity through their material, technique, use, shape or graphic design. These items can also be explicitly emblematic of the city (its cultural identity, geographical, architectural or heritage attributes).

Edmonton Made is looking for products that are:

•Furniture, decorative items, food-based, utilitarian items, clothing or fashion accessories, fine art, bath and body products... and anything else you're making!

• Ready for sale (not prototypical or under development).

• Manufactured and / or designed in the metropolitan Edmonton area.

• Presented in attractive packaging or with accompanying media that showcases the item and the work of the designer (for example, the name of the product, its function, where it was made, the name of the designer, a short biography or description of the creative process — while not essential, this information adds value to your item)


The call for proposals is open to any individual or group who meets the following conditions:

• Is the creator of the item(s) being submitted or is an authorized agent, acting on behalf of the designer or manufacturer.

• Submits only items currently available for sale in the Edmonton market.

• Represents a brand, design firm or business entity that is authorized to conduct business in the Edmonton area, that maintains at the time the proposal is submitted, the infrastructure for the production and distribution of the item(s) submitted.

• Agrees to have the items submitted appear in a publication alongside complementing products in various product categories, price points, styles, etc.

• Operates primarily from a head office located in Edmonton or metropolitan Edmonton Area at the time the proposal is submitted. The item proposed must be currently available for sale in Edmonton, by way of brick and mortar retail, online retail or custom order direct from manufacturer.

• Agrees to guarantee availability of the submitted gift catalogue items for a period of six months from catalogue release date.


Each proposal must include:

• A document containing the following information: Product name, materials used, year of design (if known), product dimensions, customization options. Please submit one document for each item submitted.

• A high-resolution photograph of the item, presented as intended by the designer or manufacturer. The item should be captured with its packaging (explaining its function, if necessary).

• To ensure catalogue consistency, the products must be available for ‘in-context’ and ‘on white’ images to be photographed by a photographer authorized by Edmonton Made / EEDC in consultation with the product’s designer or manufacturer.

Note: The information contained in the submission will be used for the content of the catalogue. Designers or manufacturers must ensure the accuracy of the descriptive texts and commercial information, as well as the quality of the photos.


Proposals can be submitted here. Accompanying product photos must be sent to the following address no later than June 18th, 2017, 11:59 pm, MST:

Submissions may also be sent via mail to:

EDMONTON MADE, Attention: Danny Ross | 4th Floor, 9990 Jasper Ave | Edmonton, AB T5J 1P7


Gift catalogue submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

• Reflective of the design expertise or emblematic and representative of Edmonton (its vibrant spirit, cultural identity, geographical, architectural or heritage attributes).

• Level of innovation, playfulness, uniqueness and functionality

• Well made (manufacture and finish), durable

NoteEEDC may not be held responsible for any destination error or missed proposal delivery deadline. 


The selection committee responsible for choosing the gift catalogue products consists of six (6) members:

Janette Hubka, Art Gallery of Alberta, Head of Enterprise and Engagement

Joseph Pedrola, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

Danny Ross, Edmonton Made

Sergio Serrano, Designer and Illustrator

Wendy Turner, The Artworks, Owner + Buyer

Terri Belley, Avenue Magazine, Associate Art Director


Following the submission of proposals, the selection committee will meet and choose the items that will appear in the gift catalogue. Its decision will be final and permanent. The committee plans to select the greatest possible number of products for the catalogue based on their quality and relevance to the stated criteria. Following the juried selection, Edmonton Made will produce a catalogue with a targeted distribution to institutional buyers, and promotional activities will be organized at various times of the year, during which the selected creators may be invited to present their products.

Selected designers may have access to the following opportunities:

• Take part in activities or events promoting Edmonton designers and businesses (exhibitions, pop-up stores, media appearances and the like)

• Be displayed on the website, with inclusion in the directory of Edmonton Made designers and businesses.

Note: No part of the call for proposals may be construed as a formal agreement by Edmonton Made to purchase, order or include the gift items in any or all proposed initiatives.


Issuing of the call for proposals: June 1, 2017

Deadline for submission of the proposals: June 18, 2017

Meeting of the selection committee and selection of products: mid-June 2017

Production of the catalogue: July - August 2017

Distribution and promotion of the catalogue: August - September 2017


In submitting a proposal, all participants accept that Edmonton Made may take professional photos of their product(s) and may publish them. All participants grant, free of charge, a nonexclusive license to Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC), authorizing it to reproduce, publish, represent or otherwise disseminate the photographs of the gift catalogue items, without any limitation as to distribution territory, regardless of the medium used, including its website, for an indefinite period. Each participant (especially a distributor or designated agent) is responsible for ensuring that the texts and photographs submitted after the selection may be published and disseminated. Similarly, the participant is also responsible for obtaining the agreement of the designer or manufacturer for the submission of a proposal. Edmonton Made / EEDC does not assume any responsibility for copyrighted projects or photo royalties for any or all reproduced material with the purpose of promotion and production of the catalogue.


During the call for proposals process, questions are to be sent to Danny Ross, Edmonton Made, at

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