Gifted 2019/2020 Feature: Darling Dear Co is a mother/daughter team effort

By Michelle Ferguson September 20, 2019

Arden Pang, left, and her mother Rosana, right

Darling Dear Co. – Rosana & Arden Pang

A trip to Asia left the mother-daughter duo of Rosana and Arden Pang with an abundance of beautiful fabric. Intrigued by the world of Etsy, Arden suggested they start a pet accessories line. Little did Rosana know, it was a ruse.

“It was this idea of let’s try this and then maybe she’ll let me have a dog,” Arden explains with a laugh. “It didn’t work out that way, but at least we have this business.”

Rosana is extremely allergic to canines, so instead the Pangs live vicariously through their customers, who love to send in extremely Instagramable photos of their fur babies donning the latest floral or polka-dotted bow-and-collar sets.

Darling Dear Co. is a family venture: Rosana does the sewing, while Arden takes care of the marketing.

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