Maker Feature: Fruits of Sherbrooke

By Edmonton Made September 19, 2017

Fruits of Sherbrooke // Text: Michelle Ferguson // Photos: Shayne Woodsmith

Upset by the number of apples going to waste by not being harvested from local trees, three friends — Christina Piecha, Carol Cooper and Alan Cosh — set out to make a difference, turning unwanted urban fruit into unforgettable preserves.

Founded in 2010, their non-profit now makes 45 different jams, jellies, condiments and sauces — courtesy of Cooper's culinary genius — and in each, the majority of the fruit is locally rescued.

The profits from those sales are used to make fruit snacks that are distributed to food programs throughout the city.

Since 2010, Fruits of Sherbrooke has rescued 60,000 kilograms of local fruit, from apples and cherries to rhubarb and pears, and delivered more than 27,000 individual snacks to those who need it.

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Fruits of Sherbrooke couple
Fruits of Sherbrooke fruit
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