Diana Tidswell started blogging to attract customers. Now it's her full-time job

By Michelle Ferguson April 30, 2018

Diana Tidswell -- (Provided)

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Diana Tidswell

Blogger, 204 Park / Interior Designer, Kresswell Interiors

Like so many other small business owners Diana Tidswell began blogging to attract and inform customers. Little did she know it would become a fulfilling, full-time career.

Upon graduating the University of Alberta’s residential interiors program, Tidswell founded the design firm i3 Interiors, which was regularly featured on CTV Morning Live’s “Ask a Designer” segment. Though the business was doing well on paper, Tidswell wasn’t loving the client work.

“I was a little uninspired by the projects I had on the go,” says Tidswell. “I thought if I finish the job and the client loves it that’s great, but if I don’t want to share it and photograph it because I’m not in love with it, well I don’t love that.”

Edmonton for Diana Tidswell

  • How long have you lived in Edmonton? I was born in Toronto, but my parents moved here when I was just a few months old so really, I've been here for pretty much my whole life and I love it!
  • What is Edmonton’s best hidden gem? This is a tough one! I would say Edmonton has so many new restaurants and cafes that seem to be constantly popping up! I think you can find a hidden gem in nearly any neighbourhood with so many local businesses around and that's part of what I love about our city.
  • Favourite Edmonton hangout? Easily the river valley. I try to get outside for a walk and take in the river valley as often as I can. It's one of my favourite things to do in almost every season (except when it's -30C, then you'll find me indoors searching for the best latte at all of Edmonton's coffee shops!)
  • What’s one thing from Edmonton the world should know about? There is SO much to do in this city! I think we've really established ourselves as a city with great culture and so much on the go in every season.
  • Describe Edmonton in one word. Diverse (in so many ways!)

What she did love however was the sense of freedom and creativity she got from blogging.

When she decided to take a hiatus from i3 Interiors, Tidswell launched her current lifestyle blog, 204 Park, with the ambitious intention of turning it into a full-time gig.

Named after the blog’s HQ (aka Tidswell’s former condo), 204 Park has indeed become a premiere source for all things fashion, beauty and home décor in Edmonton.

Tidswell has worked with brands such as Yahoo, Casio, Remington, Chapters Indigo, and Nars. Her mid-century modern eclectic style has been featured on top design and DIY sites Brit & CoRefinery29 and Apartment Therapy, to name a few, while her conversational tone and gorgeous Instagram photos have garnered a devoted online following that spans North America.

In 2017, Tidswell went back to her roots, launching an interior design company with fellow blogger Kristina Lynne from Inspired by Lynne.

I get to talk about what I love or do cute DIYs

The two met through the blogosphere and became fast friends. While they shared similar design sensibilities and career goals, it took a trip to Toronto (for BlogPodium, Canada’s conference for design and lifestyle influencers) to realize they would make the perfect business partners.

“Kristina and I were both having brunch discussing how, because we already had a great platform and a great audience online, we had both considered [offering e-design] and we just had a moment [of clarity,]” explains Tidswell.

Upon their return the two began planning what would become Kresswell Interiors — a primarily online interior design service.

Not only did both bloggers want to cater to their built-in client base, but they also wanted to offer a more accessible way to get professional design advice. E-design is more affordable and less intimidating explains Tidswell. It’s also still pretty rare in Canada.

Within a few short months, the business has taken off. “We seem to be attracting clients that really gel with our style, which is kind of the dream,” says Tidswell.

But her true love will always be blogging, she says.

“I get to talk about what I love or do cute DIYs, or write entertainment posts where I partner with brands I love and get paid to do it, which is kind of a crazy concept.”

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