Edmonton Made: How to Create Your Own Instagram Story Stickers

By Edmonton Made October 11, 2019

These stickers (GIFs) aren't just eye-catching; they can highlight a clear call-to-action for your fans, customers, and followers.

There's a lot of noise out there. Adding that extra bit of oomph can help your small businesses' content stand out. 

This year for the Gifted Catalogue launch, we created five Instagram Story GIFs (stickers) to add a little flash to our Instagram Stories. While there are a number of GIF hosting websites out there. We chose to upload our GIFs to Gfycat and Giphy. Gfycat is one of the largest GIF hosting websites in the world and started right here in Edmonton! However, we will focus this how-to on uploading to Giphy because it's the only GIF service that integrates with Instagram. 

It wasn't complicated, and in response to all the questions — here's how we did it. 

How to Create Instagram Stories GIFs (Stickers) 

#1: Design and create your custom GIFs 

This is the fun part. Get creative with fun ways for people to interact with your brand. Here's a quick tutorial on how to make a GIF in Photoshop. You'll need five GIFs to move on to the next step. 

Follow these recommended specs and tips when creating your stickers. We followed them exactly and didn't have any issues. 

#2: Become a Verified Brand on Giphy

This is the most involved step, but it's really not that bad. Let's get started by first reviewing the 'Tips for Submitting an Application'

Now that you have your five original GIFs, upload them to a new or existing Giphy account. 


  • Upload your stickers as GIF files (APNG is not supported)
  • Add descriptive tags. This is how Instagram will search for your GIFs in the app. We added tags like #edmontonmade, #yeggifted, #edmonton, #em101. Each sticker should have at least 5-10 relevant tags.
  • We added a unique tag (#em101) so we could easily search and find our stickers on Instagram. 

Ok, you're ready to apply for your brand account now! Apply for a Brand Channel on Giphy here

#3: You're verified! 

Once you're verified, add your website and social links to your profile so others can find your brand.

Soon you'll be able to access your stickers on Instagram. For us, it took a few hours for our stickers to start appearing in the Instagram app. 

We'd love to see what you create! Tag us (@edmontonmade) in your posts and check out our stickers by searching 'edmontonmade' in Instagram story stickers.