Gifted 2019/2020 Feature: El Gringo is more than a recreation

By Michelle Ferguson October 3, 2019

Connor Pellow and Damini Mohan of El Gringo

El Gringo – Connor Pellow & Damini Mohan

Wisps of smoke curl and dance as Connor Pellow removes a handful of blistered jalapeños from the open flame. The vibrant smell of raw pepper penetrates a thin layer of char — filling the kitchen with the intoxicating aroma of fire-roasted chilies.

“There’s no better way of bringing out the complex flavours,” explains El Gringo co-founder Damini Mohan.

As El Gringo’s branding suggests, Mohan and Pellow aren’t recreating authentic Mexican recipes. This is their interpretation of salsa and it’s influenced by their palates and environment.

The couple sources all its produce locally and uses only natural, fresh ingredients in their line of salsas and tortilla chips — making it truly Albertan.

The earthy flavour of charred vegetables adds to the complexity of El Gringo's salsas

El Gringo
El Gringo

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