Five things in the Edmonton Made gift catalogue to get the woman in your life

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This year, get the woman in your life something she'll really love - a unique, local gift from one of Edmonton's talented makers. You don't even have to go to the mall - we've done your holiday shopping for you. You're welcome!

Apparel-Jewelry_Fearless Ear Jacket-05343.jpg

Fearless Ear Jackets

The Fearless Ear Jackets by So Pretty Cara Cotter can be worn two ways, as a dangling jacket or as a simple stud. So you're basically getting her two sets of earrings for the price of one. Way to go!

[Buy the Fearless Ear Jacket]


Apparel-Jewelry_The Kinsley Kat-0099.jpg

Kinsley Kat Clutch

Sylvia Soo Leather's Kinsley Kat Clutch is for when your lady still has a Hello Kitty purse in her closet, but doesn't feel comfortable carrying it around as a responsible adult. (But, for real, tell her to bust out that HK purse too. Life is too short.)

[Buy the Kinsley Kat Clutch]



Erode Necklace

Stable State's Erode Necklaces are not meant to be static. Get it for her if she's the kind of person who wants a necklace that looks slick and will literally erode and change over time. Geology.

[Buy the Erode Necklace]


Bath and Body_Remedy Roll On Farmacy Collection-05108.jpg

Remedy Roll-Ons

From relieving headaches to creating a sense of calm, Remedy Roll-Ons from PLANTiful work as a sort of natural first-aid kit. Perfect for anyone who likes essential oils or aromatherapy.

[Buy the Remedy Roll-Ons]


Apparel-Jewelry_Katherine Cuff-0427.jpg

Katharine Cuff

Simple. Elegant. Thoughtful. Inspired by the home of the noble honeybee, this bracelet from Farm Wife Style is a classic look that will suit any woman's style.

[Buy The Katharine Cuff]