Gifted 2019/2020 Feature: Flannel Foxes embraces Western Canadiana

By Michelle Ferguson September 25, 2019

Mike Lundy and Brittni Goshulak of Flannel Foxes

Flannel Foxes – Mike Lundy & Brittni Goshulak

In 2014, two friends picked a handful of menswear looks, recreated them for ladies, and went about their lives — until they were mentioned in a Buzzfeed article that is. Flannel Foxes gained thousands of Instagram followers in that single, fateful day. 

Over the years, the brand has evolved from a tomboy fashion blog to a Western Canadiana apparel and accessories line with the help of graphic designer Mike Lundy.

“We discovered that we would rather sell clothes than write about them,” explains co-founder Brittni Goshulak.

The company’s unisex wares are ethically made in Canada and pay homage to the glory days of Canadian print advertising — think mid-20th century Canadian Pacific posters. The couple will spend hours flipping through postcards and travel brochures at the Rocky Mountain Antique Mall for inspiration.

We have such a strong connection with growing up in Western Canada; we wanted to celebrate that.

Mike Lundy

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