The perfect Edmonton Made item for your gift exchange

By Edmonton Made December 11, 2018

The office Christmas party, that last-minute get together with friends, and the warm gathering with your family are all coming up more quickly than you expected.

You want to get something thoughtful for the gift exchange at each one, and you want to shop local. We have you covered to make sure you're the best gift giver in the room.

THE OFFICE PARTY — $25 and Under

Prairie Chick Prints – Things I Don’t Wanna Do Today Notepad, $8

  • Perfect for those who make lists in the office and are warmly grumpy about it. Pairs well with the Grumpy, Irritable Mercat pin.Prairie Chick Print _Things I don't Wanna do Today Note Pad_7769

Justine Ma: Design + Hand Lettering – Adventure Enamel Pin, $8

  • Simple and to the point, this pin will speak to the person who always makes the most of their vacation days in your office gift exchange. Especially if paired with other pins.Justine Ma Design_AdventurePin_9245

BroBrick – Rum and Coke Soap, $10.50

  • For those who want to smell nice, but still feel manly while doing it.BroBrick_Rum and Coke Soap_7834

Emily Chu Illustration – Mercat Enamel Pin, $12

  • The full name of this pin is actually the Grumpy, Irritable Mercat. There is a 100% chance someone in your office will appreciate this. Mercat Pin by Emily Chu

Tiny Treats Soap Co. — Bath Truffles, $14

  • The perfect mix of the fizziness of a bath bomb and the silkiness of a bath melt. Basically chocolates for your whole body. (But don't eat them, even if they look delicious.) Tiny Treats Soap Co_Bath Truffles_7943

Good Luck Sock — Floral Sloth Socks, $16

  • These socks have sloths on them! If you don't think people will fight over these, you are incorrect. Good Luck Sock_Floral Sloth Socks_

Confetti Sweets — Totally Awesome Cookies, $17.50

  • It's a big bag of delicious cookies. We don't know what else we need to say. Confetti Sweets_Totally Awesome Cookies_7964

Salgado Fenwick – Edmonton Map Tea Towel, $18

  • Classy and teeming with local pride, these tea towels will fit in with many different officemates' tastes. Salgado Fenwick_Map Tea towel_8916

Herbologie – Botanicals for Coffee, $25

  • This botanical supercharges your coffee. Perfect for the officemate who craves that morning Joe. Herbologie_Botanicals for Coffee _8025

Marc Nipp Design and Illustration – National Park Knapsack Poster Jasper Edition, $25

  • This clean illustration shows local pride at gift exchange prices. A perfect picture for your officemates to battle over. El Designo_National Park Knapsack Poster - Jasper Edition_7829


eLiasz and eLLa Jewelry – Intrigue Ring, $32

  • This ring is the perfect price point to bring something nice to the gift exchange without breaking the bank. eLiasz and eLLa Jewelry_Intrigue Ring_9437

Hansen Distillery – Morning Glory Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Liqueur, $33.25

  • Real chocolate. Hazelnut. Booze. Perfect for your coffee, hot chocolate and your gift exchange. Hansen Distillery_Morning Glory Cream Liqueur_8016

Ross Flats Vintage Apparel – Edmonton Trappers 96/97 Championship Snapback, $34.99

  • A hat with the classic fur trapper logo from the Champion 1997 Edmonton Trappers is the perfect mix of nostalgia and city pride for a ballcap connoisseur. If you have friends who remember the '90s and lived in Edmonton, they will covet this hat. Ross Flats Vintage Apparel_Edmonton Trappers 96_97 Championship SnapBack_9571

Ochre Lea – Leather Travel Mason, $35

  • These twee and unique leather travel masons are designed to fit snug and are made by humans so no two are exactly alike. This will have a warm place in your friend's home for years to come. Ochre Lea_Leather Travel Mason_8284

Token Naturals — Token Bitters Sampler Set, $36

  • A lovely gift set for someone looking to introduce themselves into the world of bitters. Flavours include: Strathcona Orange, Whyte Lavender, Ritchie Cherry, and Calder Chai. Token Bitters_Token Bitters Sampler Set_8153

Salvage + Bronze — The Peak – Himmeli, $45

  • An adaptable art piece that looks good almost anywhere. A perfect gift when you don't quite know who will be on the receiving end. Salvage and Bronze_The Peak - Himmeli_8718

Lauren Mary Holistics — Seabuckthorn + Neroli Facial Elixir, $50

  • This luxurious oil can make a striking difference to skin care with just a few drops. Those in the know will covet it. Lauren Mary Holistics_Seabuckthorn and Neroli Facial Elixir_7876

Smithstine Copper — Bison Etched Necklace, $50

  • This Bison Etched Necklace is completely handmade and therefore totally unique. A prize to be fought over. Smithstine Copper_Etched Bison Necklace_9361

WITH THE FAMILY — $100 and Under

Strathcona Spirits Distillery – Barrel Aged Gin, $59.50

  • This oaken' gin is infused with ten botanicals including rogue-picked Seaberry from the streets of Edmonton. Your gift exchange will not only be fighting over the smooth taste, but just how cool this Gin will make them feel. Strathcona Spirits Distillery_Barrel Aged Gin_8070

Pura Botanicals – Overnight Watermelon Mask, $72

  • This rejuvenating squalane oil and pure watermelon extract are a decadent overnight mask for any lucky enough to get them from you. Pura Botanicals_Overnight Watermelon Mask_7927

Flannel Foxes – Explore Canada West Sweatshirt, $84

  • Warm, fuzzy and full of pride for Western Canada, this sweatshirt is a prime get for anyone in your gift exchange, woman or man. Flannel Foxes_Explore Canada West Sweatshirt_9592

JACEK Chocolate Couture – Artisan Chocolate Bar Library, $85

  • This Chocolate Bar Library offers many delights from JACEK Chocolate Couture. Even if only one person opens this gift, it can be shared with all. JACEK Chocolate Couture_Artisan Chocolate Bar Library_8029

Rig Hand Craft Distillery – Bar M Whisky, $93.45

  • Sweet spice, caramel and coconut husk flavours will make this whisky from Rig Hand Craft Distillery one craved by your family and loved ones at the gift exchange. Rig Hand Craft Distillery_Bar M Whisky_8062

Poppy Barley – The Passport Holder, $98

  • This handsome passport holder from Poppy Barley will be worth fighting over at your gift exchange. Perfect for the traveller who wants to show their style with their documents. Poppy Barley_The Passport Holder_9421

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