How to run a Gifted 2019/2020 all-local gift exchange for your holiday group

By Edmonton Made November 28, 2019

Looking to set up a gift exchange with friends, family or co-workers and want the perfect way to make it more YEG?

Pledge yourself (and your group) to take the Gifted Challenge and pick the perfect gift-exchange gift from the Gifted 2019/2020 catalogue. This not only ensures that your gift exchange will have a diverse set of gifts, but it will support local business owners and their families, not to mention it will keep your holiday spending money in the community.

The rules are simple:

  • Pick a gift from the 2019/2020 Gifted catalogue to give at your gift exchange. There are plenty of gifts from $10-$40 that can fit in any gift exchange
  • Share the gifts at the office using White Elephant gift exchange rules
    1. Each person brings one wrapped gift to contribute to the pool of gifts
    2. Participants draw number to determine what order they will go in
    3. Participants look at, but don't touch, the big pile of gifts
    4. The person with the first number picks and unwraps a gift, then shows it to everyone
    5. The next person in line can either pick a new gift or "steal" an opened gift.
    6. Any person stolen from can then open a new gift or steal from someone else (Note: A gift can only be stolen once per round)
    7. Continue until all the gifts are opened
    8. OPTIONAL: After all the gifts are opened, the first person has the chance for one last steal by swapping their gift with another person. That person can then swap to steal another and so on until no one wants to steal.
  • Bask in all of the great local gifts coming to you and your friends this holiday season

Here are 15 examples of gifts that are perfect for the Gifted Challenge (but don't limit yourself to these, the Gifted catalogue has plenty more to explore!).

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