Gifted 2019/2020 Cover Story: Prairie Chick Prints brings its charm to Edmonton Made

By Michelle Ferguson September 19, 2019

Crystal Pretula of Prairie Chick Prints in her workshop

Prairie Chick Prints – Crystal Pretula

Crystal Pretula had been designing greeting cards for a few years when she decided to expand her line of charming and cheeky goods. There was just one little problem: she struggled to find a pencil printer that fit her brand.

Nervous about investing in a press, Pretula questioned how much demand there was for sassy, locally imprinted pencils. Nevertheless, she took a leap of faith and threw herself into the time-consuming and finicky work of hot foil stamping 7mm-wide pieces of grooved cedar.

It certainly paid off — Prairie Chick Prints was voted Edmonton Made’s 2019/2020 People’s Choice Award winner.

Throwing some light-hearted shade on her hometown is a testament to how much Pretula loves Edmonton — a sentiment echoed by many, based on the Edmonton Pencils’ popularity.

I love Edmonton, but like anything it’s not perfect. Just like I love my kids, but they’re still jerks sometimes

Crystal Pretula, Prairie Chick Prints

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