Top 5 Reasons Shopping Local Boosts Edmonton

By Laura Masyk February 18, 2020

Edmonton is built on small businesses. With 95% of the businesses in Edmonton having fewer than 50 employees, it’s no wonder we have such a strong community of local companies. Here’s why supporting local can impact our whole city.

1: Supporting the Local Economy

When small businesses see success and start to grow, they can create a number of jobs. From hiring someone to interact with customers, to a store manager, or even a business partner. That friendly face you see at a local business is one that also wants the best for the community because it’s their home too.

Budding businesses are also more likely to spend their hard-earned dollars with local suppliers and partners. According to both Canadian and American studies, for every $100 spent at a local business about $65 goes back to the local economy, talk about a sound investment.  

Reference: For every $100 spent, approximately $65 gets put back into the community 

  • One Chicago study found that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remained in the city while only $43 of each $100 spent at a chain retailer. 

  • Multiple studies show that these small businesses reinvest in the local economy at a higher rate than chains do. For every $100 spent at one of these businesses, for example, $68 stays in the community, according to Amy Hartzler, director of communications for the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, a nonprofit that advocates building strong local economies. That’s more than twice the amount chains reinvest. 

  • According to Loco Independent businesses recirculate up to $63 of every $100 in revenue in the local economy, compared to $14 for multinationals 

2: Investing in the Community 

Edmonton is not like other places. The support, openness and collaboration between local business owners is inspiring. They not only support each other, they come together to support causes that affect Edmontonians.  

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3: Creates Character and Uniqueness 

Our citizens are creative entrepreneurs who can make great experiences come to life. Local shops create more choice for shoppers and build the culture for an area of the city that is reflective of the diverse people that live there increasing not only property value but also a sense of community.  

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4: Customer Service is Better Because It’s Probably a Friend of a Friend 

Edmonton creates the felling of a close-knit community whether you’re from here or just moved here. You can bet the person behind the counter or on the other end of the call someone with passion who cares that you’ve had a great experience with their product or service. And if you grew up here, odds are you went to high school with them so now you can also catch up! 

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5: Reduced Environmental Impact  

Heading to a farmer’s market to purchase from local growers is one way to reduce your carbon footprint or walking to your neighborhood coffee shop instead of driving to a big chain one. Many Edmonton companies are also using their business to create positive change for our environment. With your collective support the future can look a whole lot greener.  

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Supporting Edmonton based companies can have a big impact on our city. Next time you’re looking to make a purchase take a moment to check if it’s something you can find locally. Our Business Directory is a great resource for this and our annual Gifted catalogue is always filled with great gift ideas. Thank you for shopping local!  

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