Gifted 2019/2020 Feature: Village Craft Co puts the emphasis on the 'Co'

By Michelle Ferguson October 7, 2019

Kayla Cooper and Jon Kerychuk of Village Craft Co.

Village Craft Co.

Village Craft Co. — emphasis on the “co.” — is a true collaboration between the husband-wife team of Jon Kerychuk and Kayla Cooper.

Cooper, a draftsperson who spent countless hours in her dad’s cabinet shop as a kid, cuts and finishes the wood shelves, while Kerychuk, a journeyman welder, brings her minimalist designs to life using a meticulous form of welding called TIG (tungsten inert gas).

“The welding honestly sets us apart,” Cooper says. “Not everyone can do it. Especially TIG; you need a really keen eye.”

Village Craft Co
Village Craft Co
Villiage Craft Co
Village Craft Co

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