Visio Media and Edmonton Made Partner to Show Ads Tailored for You

By Edmonton Made November 16, 2017

Coming to an elevator near you...

To deliver our holiday Gifted ads, Edmonton Made has adopted Edmonton-based Visio Media's latest, game-changing technology, Elev8.

Startup Edmonton alumnus, Visio Media is quickly becoming a world-leader in the area of digital out-of-home advertising.

In six years, the marketing and advertising company has expanded its network of intelligent elevator monitors from the business and residential towers of Edmonton to Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto — taking advantage of an untapped, captive audience.

"It's such an under-penetrated market," says Nicolette Leonardis-Owen, vice-president and co-founder of Visio Media. "Only six per cent of elevators have monitors at this time in North America, so there's a lot of opportunity there."

Building on their pre-existing audience engagement software, their new, state-of the-art Elev8 technology allows clients to target and automate digital signage with the same efficiency and accuracy as online advertising.

Traditionally digital out-of-home advertisers aren't able to target their message to reach a specific demographic, display ads depending on the time or day, or measure the success of their advertising campaigns with the same accuracy as they could online, using Facebook or Google.

Studies have shown audience engagement increases by six to 30 times when ads are targeted based on age, gender, location and financial attributes. Online, this data is typically captured through cookies. And, until now, there was no equivalent technology available to those who want to reach consumers while they are outside their homes.

Visio's patented anonymous detection system allows clients to deliver ads based on gender, age, time of day and weather, in addition to providing accurate metrics on how long the audience is staring at their ads, which are impossible to gauge on traditional out-of-home advertising platforms, such as billboards and bus ads.

Visio is the first in the world to roll out this type of intelligent advertising software, which will be available nationally as of next year.

"We're really pushing the boundaries of ad tech," says Leonardis-Owen. "Everyone loves online advertising because you can [for example] only target pregnant women who like the Edmonton Oilers and cats. That's the way the world is going, and you couldn't get that in out-of-home advertising. But now you can."

Client feedback was positive during the last six months of testing says Leonardis-Owen. Homes by Avi reported an increase in performance following a campaign that saw the home builder feature breakfast nooks in the morning and master bedrooms at 8 p.m.

"We were able to see an increase in attention time and an increase in actual home sales based on targeting ads accordingly," says Leonardis-Owen.

Similarly, Edmonton Made has tailored its holiday ad content, taking full advantage of Elev8's ability to change messaging in real time based on the audience's age and gender, the weather, and the time of day.

Here are a few examples of some of our targeted ads:

This ad featuring Terry Hildebrand's ceramic teapot will display on overcast days.

This ad featuring Hansen Distillery's Ring of Fire rye will display between the hours of 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

This ad featuring Copper Cherry's Hayden backpack will display when a young adult enters the elevator

This ad featuring gravitypope's bow sneakers will display when a woman enters the elevator.

We're happy to support such a world-class, home-grown technology company, as we ask you to shop local this holiday season!

Want to know more about how Elev8 works? Check out this video by Visio Media.

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