Who's in Gifted 2018? Amanda Schutz and Jason Blower illustrate Edmonton

By Michelle Ferguson December 3, 2018

Amanda Schutz and Jason Blower's illustrations are very different, but both represent Edmonton. -- (Shayne Woodsmith/EEDC)

Need a local gift? Shop Gifted 2018 the Edmonton Made catalogue. There are over 100 products featured in the catalogue by over 80 different Edmonton businesses. Below is a profile of two of them:

Jason Blower (of Snow Alligator) and Amanda Schutz illustrate Edmonton from two very different perspectives. While Blower’s whimsical prints capture Edmonton’s most iconic landmarks, Schutz’s delicate pencil drawings focus on the lichen that grows on River Valley rocks and trees.

A trip to the Rocky Mountains left Schutz enamoured with these bizarre organisms — the result of a symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae or bacterium — and she received a grant from the Edmonton Arts Council to study them more closely.

Schutz hopes her drawings of 10 local species allow Edmontonians to make a new connection to their beloved River Valley, where many of them can be found.

Zooming out, Blower’s mid-century modern pieces are also meant to connect Edmontonians to the city they love. By leaving people out of his drawings, Blower allows the viewer to insert their own memories — creating a very personalized piece of art.

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