Who's in Gifted 2018? Farm Wife Style's Kim Ducherer

By Michelle Ferguson December 4, 2018

Kim Ducherer runs Farm Wife Style from her Leduc County farm. -- (Shayne Woodsmith/EEDC)

Need a local gift? Shop Gifted 2018 the Edmonton Made catalogue. There are over 100 products featured in the catalogue by over 80 different Edmonton businesses. Below is a profile of one of them:

Every summer a swarm of bees takes over the abandoned dairy barn on Kim Ducherer’s Leduc County farm. Announcing their arrival with a distinctive hum, they sculpt delicate honeycombs that hang precariously from the wooden window sill.

Farm Wife Style’s signature hexagon pattern is inspired by this stunning feat of nature, and by the little queen bee that rules Ducherer’s household — her youngest daughter Katharine.

“Each piece is named and designed for a woman in my life,” Ducherer says.

“That’s what I enjoy most about jewelry design: thinking about one person and the qualities or hobbies they had, their style, and being able to create something based on her.

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