Who's in Gifted 2018? Pura Botanicals' Lane Edwards

By Michelle Ferguson September 11, 2018

Lane Edwards from Pura Botanicals. Edwards started the company after developing a sensitivity to perfumes and beauty products. -- Shayne Woodsmith/EEDC

Need a local gift? Shop Gifted 2018 the Edmonton Made catalogue. There are over 100 products featured in the catalogue by over 80 different Edmonton businesses. Below is a profile of one of them:

When Lane Edwards was pregnant with her first child, she developed a sensitivity to the perfumes and beauty products she loved. A heightened sense of smell rendered their chemical components unbearable, so she began concocting natural alternatives for herself and her growing family.

After giving birth to her second child, Edwards decided to share her homemade recipes with a wider audience. Seeing the need for natural, non-toxic, cruelty-free beauty products, the self-taught perfumer and skin care formulator launched a small wellness collection from her basement.

Six years later, Pura Botanicals has evolved into an extensive skin care line with a global audience.

“Skin care really makes a difference,” Edwards says. “When a woman feels confident about her skin it’s so powerful. To be part of that woman’s daily routine and know we’re having a positive effect every single day is so rewarding.”

Check out Pura Botanicals' new shared retail outlet, Pura Botanicals X So Pretty Boutique at 10120 124 Street.

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