Yegbox and Edmonton Made Partner for the Holidays

By Edmonton Made November 2, 2017

Want to support local this holiday season? We've got you covered!

The Edmonton Made team is happy to announce an exciting new partnership with local subscription box service YEGBox.

As part of the partnership, YEGBox has put together a series of holiday boxes featuring some of the vendors in our Gifted catalogue.

Credit: Shayne Wood-Smith

Each of the five boxes, is geared towards a certain type of person. Have a foodie in your life? The Food Box is sure to delight. Need something for your sister? Try one of the Sparkle boxes.

From the Guy Box to the Home Box, each parcel features between four to five locally made products from companies such as chocolatiers JACEK Chocolate CoutureThe Violet Chocolate Co. and MELT Confections; jewelry makers Farm Wife StyleSmithstine Copper and HeartStrings; textile designers Salgado Fenwick and Mezzaluna Studio; skincare company PLANTiful; and non-profit jam and jelly makers Fruits of Sherbrooke.

A monthly subscription service, YEGBox started as a way for co-founders Daphne Simkin and Lana Dukart to share their passion for all things local.

Constantly on the hunt for local brands, the pair thought others might benefit from their savvy, and in March they delivered their first YEGBox — a collection of five locally sourced items that are delivered to your door every month.

Unlike other subscription boxes, each YEGBox comes with a postcard outlining all the brands and their stories.

"It's the gift that gives in so many different ways. Every month you get a lovely surprise and you get to support local people," says Simkin.

A small business itself, YEGBox knows how hard local artists and entrepreneurs have to work to get sales. Even now, eight months after their launch, the duo breaks into a happy dance every time a new order comes in.

Credit: Shanye Wood-Smith

"But that's true of any local business," says Simkin. "I don't think there's a local business out there that doesn't celebrate every single sale."

Supporting local has always been important to both women, especially Dukart. Not only were her parents small business owners, but she also grew up in a small town during the 1980s global economic recession.

"In our town there were signs that said 'Support your towns, support your provinces, support your country.' They were everywhere and it really hit home for me" said Dukart. "When you're buying something locally ... you know that you just helped somebody's child take dance lessons. It makes a huge impact."

“What makes Edmonton such a cool, vibrant city is the makers, the artists. If we don’t support them, we lose them”

Over the past decade, research has shown that buying from local businesses has a profound economic impact on the community. The American Independent Business Alliance found that on average independent retailers return more than three times more per dollar to their communities than chain stores.

Plus, says Simkin, they're what make Edmonton so interesting.

"What makes Edmonton such a cool, vibrant city is the makers, the artists. If we don't support them, we lose them. And then we lose some of the unique flavour that we have. Nobody wants to see that," she says.

Pick up your holiday edition YEGBox at Built in the Kingsway Mall or order one (or more!) online.

For more information, including pricing, visit the YEGbox website.

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