Trendwatching 2018: Global Trends for Edmonton Business

Maxwell Luthy - trend expert, author, keynote speaker, and Director of Trends and Insights at TrendWatching, will outline key drivers of growth and emerging opportunities for business and industry in 2018.

A world-class presentation offered at an exclusive price (Maxwell has facilitated innovation workshops and presented for such companies as Samsung and WWF), this intensive workshop session will be packed with advice, insights, practical guidance, and plenty of networking opportunities.



You'll hear critical consumer trends, the innovations they're driving and the opportunities they present to your organisation.

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  • A-Commerce
  • Informal Info
  • Synced Services
  • Entrepreneuria
  • Snobmoddities

This event is about you and your fellow participants who you'll learn and collaborate with during this lively, focused session. There will be rich networking opportunities during the break and lunch.


You'll leave with full access to all content presented in PPT format, a digital copy of a Consumer Canvas, as well as the Trend Driven Innovation book to support and guide on-going trend thinking and strategy for your organisation.


March 15, 2018 @ 8:15am - 1:00pm

Space is limited so sign up soon!


Designed for high-level B2C professionals that work closely with consumer trends, this intimate seminar will be suited for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Scale-ups, Strategists, Brand and Product Managers, Marketing Professionals, CEOs, CTOs, Heads of Innovations, and those looking to benefit from upcoming trends and innovations.


8:15 am Registration and Get Caffeinated

9:15 am Intro from EEDC

9:30 am Interactive Keynote with Maxwell Luthy

Max will present the trends that are reshaping behaviours, mindsets and expectations of consumers – trends that need to be on your radar, illustrated by real-world innovation examples.

10:30 am Time for a Quick Stretch and Break

10:45 am Introduction to Trend Baby (Combining Trends) Exercise

Max and facilitator Lisa Feierstein will present one of their trend canvases and tool for ideation and help guide and support you towards trend-thinking and strategy.

11:00 am Hands on Workshop

With the assistance of Max and Lisa, you'll apply the trends presented earlier to generate disruptive (but practical) innovation ideas and business models most suited for you.

11:15 am We Hear From You

You get a chance to share your ideas and what you've learned with everyone. A chance to flex your newfound trend-savvy mind!

11:30 am Takeaway Tools

As the day draws to a close, Max to conclude and present you with final takeway tools.

11:45 am It’s a Wrap!

EEDC to close

12:00 pm Eat & Meet

Enjoy a hot meal and broaden your network